Victoria You Are Perfect; and dont let anybody tell you different.


Victoria I Love You
The Man With Two Souls leads a dangerous life,
For he lives every day with both contentment and strife.
One soul is vicious, the other is just;
You hide from the vengeful, the other you trust.
The Man With Two Souls is not perfect, not flawless,
But neither is he a man malicious with vices.
If one describes these two souls Black and White,
Than the one titled Black only develops from spite.
The Black Soul is strong and can not feel the pain
In which the White struggles with to keep itself sane.
Fortunately for The Man With Two Souls,
The Black Soul is small and rarely controls.
The White Soul is prominent, the one people see,
Unless someone manages to let the Black free.
Most people have good hearts, few are pure stone,
And everyone has a view of their own,
Except for this man, two hearts he holds,
Two views through his eyes; The Man With Two Souls.

©Weidtman 2000


You know what???
I need some sleep.
Good Night.